Saturday, May 19, 2012

Motorola Q9h Specification and review

motorola q9h
An old post,i has writen about Nokia E63 Specification and review.
This day,i will share about Motorola Q9h specification and review.
Motorola q9h is smartphone with a more functional to office work.Motorla q9h perfomance is good.You can use internet non stop for 3 hours.Internet connection on motorola q9h have a 3G and HSDPA,so you can browse a internet with a faster speed.
Not like several phone,you can use motorola q9h as modem with some aplication have added at motorola q9h.The name name of this aplication is "Internet Connection Sharing".So,you can easily use a motorla q9h as modem.With "Windows Mobile" OS,you can make a word document or read a pdf file with easy.
Internal memory of this phone is 132 MB and you can add a microSD card up to 16 GB.
the sounds on speakers is really clean sound with little bass.
On this phone,you can add many aplication like games and some tools to your phone.
If you like write a some article,motorla q9h can do it.With QWERTY keyboard,make an article is easily.

Specification :
1.Camera 2 MP.
2.Screen 320 x 240.
3.Aplication added ( pdf reader , Yahoo!Go , windows live , Office Aplication ).
4.Windows Mobile 5.1 OS.
5.Java 2.0
7.Internet connection ( GPRS,EDGE,3G,HSDPA ).

Ok,thats all what i know about Motorla q9h specification and review.I hope this usefully.

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